Power Core Aeration (Spring, Summer or Fall) is one of the most important cultural practices available for your lawn.

Core aeration helps to maintain a healthy thatch layer, improves soil structure, creates growth pockets for new roots & opens the way for air, water & fertilizer to reach the root zone of your lawn.  It is the #1 recommended practice to avoid fungal turf diseases!

Core aeration removes thousands of small cores of soil, 1" to 3" in length, from your lawn.  These cores melt back into the lawn after sprinkling or mowing.  Air & water mixing with the organic thatch layer speeds up the natural decomposition of the thatch--recycling the stored nutrients & retaining the benefits of a healthy thatch layer.  Turf roots naturally grow toward these "growth pockets" & your lawn thickens in the process.

Aeration helps to loosen compacted soils.  Annual core aeration is suggested for all lawns on heavy clay or compacted soils, those with thatch buildup, a history of fungal disease problems or any lawn that needs to be thickened.  After an aeration is a great time to scatter additional grass seed in thin areas, as there are thousands of places for new seedlings to take root.


~Fertilize for a green lawn, but aerate for a healthy lawn!~



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