Lawn Care Program:  Cycles are 4-6 weeks apart & each consists of granular fertilizers specially blended for the season & liquid weed sprays.


1.)  Weed/Feed--Spring Pre-Emergent
Balanced granular fertilizer to stimulate new growth & spring green-up.  Pre-emergent crabgrass & broadleaf weed control as well.

2.)  Weed/Feed--Early Summer
Golf course quality granular fertilizer to prepare turf for summer stress.  Pre/Post-emergent crabgrass & broadleaf weed control sprays as appropriate.

3.)  Weed/Feed--Mid Summer
Summer blend granular fertilizer to maintain color & improve turf vigor.  Of course we spray for crabgrass & broadleaf weeds.

4.)  Weed/Feed--Late Summer
Balanced granular fertilizer to rejuvinate lawn after summer stress.  Broadleaf weed control sprays continue as needed.

5.)  Weed/Feed--Fall Winterizer
Winterizer blend fertilizer to promote root development important to winter survival & spring green-up.  Fall weed problems are treated too.

6.)  Granular Sulfur--pH Adjustment
Fall treatment to neutralize alkaline soil pH, so lawn can better utilize nutrients added earlier.


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