Protect your Trees & Shrubs from Leaf-Eating Insects & Fungal Disease Damage:


1.)  Tree/Shrub--Early Spring
Dormant oil applied for control of scale insects & their egg masses overwintering on trees & shrubs.  Fungal problems addressed as needed.

2.)  Tree/Shrub--Spring/Summer
Landscape inspected & pest controls applied to minimize early season damage as foliage develops.  Insect & fungal problems addressed.

3.)  Tree/Shrub--Mid Summer
Landscape inspected & pest controls applied for spider mites, scale crawlers, leaf miners & other insects feeding at this time.

4.)  Tree/Shrub--Late Summer
Continued pest control for late occurring insects & mites, providing added protection & strengthening plant vigor.

*5.)  Basal Trunk Spray/Injection
Preferred method of attack against fatal birch & ash borer infestation.  Concentrated insecticide is applied to trunk or injected into living cambium layer of the bark.  Fungal & nutrient deficiency problems can also be treated with immediate & season-long results.


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